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Let's Make a Video :)

You want to sell stuff. We have epic creators and influencers.

Let's partner up and create one, or several, videos to help you sell more stuff.
Beanepic influencer showing string lights in studio against blue backdrop
Epic influencers
Beanepic client string light product hanging outdoors in tree
Epic products
Epic Beanepic Amazon shoppable videos.webp
Epic Amazon shoppable videos

Amazon shoppable videos

Our Amazon influencers will do unboxings, installations, and demonstrations highlighting your product's strengths.

Most videos appear on your Amazon product page and the influencer's storefront but they may also pop up on Amazon's front page and on your competitors' product pages.

YouTube videos

Our YouTube influencers can create in-depth product reviews or shorter segments integrating the product feature into their regular content.

We select influencers with high audience engagement and viewer profiles matching your target audience.
Beanepic YouTube product promotion photo
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Our company

The Beanepic name comes from the idea to be an epic "something" meaning to be excellent at whatever you do.

Our mission is to make it easy for brands to get epic product promotion videos by pairing their products with the right influencer video creators. These creators excel at creating persuasive content for their target audiences. 

The easiest way to make epic influencer videos

Easy to use
List your products and we'll match them with epic influencer video creators in our network.

Most videos are ready on Amazon within 14 days of starting a project.

We only work with experienced, local, professional content creators.

Saving you time, money, and effort on product video promotion to invest in more critical areas of your business.
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Send us your ASINs.


Tell us any specific requests.


Relax. We and our epic influencers do the rest.

Ready to make a video?

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