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Amazon shoppable videos

Want to know how Amazon shoppable videos can help you drive sales?

Read on and find out :)

What are Amazon shoppable videos?

Amazon has invited successful social media influencers from popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to promote products sold on Amazon.

Each influencer hosts a storefront where they show a curated list of product links, images, videos, and livestreams created to promote their favorite products. In exchange, they earn a commission for affiliate sales.

Video is popular as influencers can demonstrate the product's functionality explaining exactly what they like about it.

Where do the shoppable videos appear?

Video benefits 

Increased listing traffic
Influencer videos may appear on the first page of search results. Influencers may also promote videos on social media and videos on competitors' product listings also help to drive traffic.

Improved sales conversion
Video demonstrations help shoppers understand use, and use cases, persuading shoppers of the products value.

Gain brand recognition and popularity
Influencers' endorsements helps grow products popularity.

Success factors

Influencer rank
Each influencer has an internal rating. The higher the rating the higher the chance of more and better video placements.

Amazon SEO
Influencer videos are pushed when user search terms match influencer keywords and video titles.

Push probability
Higher sales conversion rates increase chance of wider video placement.

Shopper behaviour
Customers purchase history and keyword search drive which videos are shown.

How to place an order?


Send us your ASINs.


Give us any specific requests.


Relax. We and our epic influencers do the rest.

Ready to make a video?

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