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Answers to new Amazon Live streamers 5 most common questions

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

You decided to jump on the bandwagon promoting products on the world’s largest online retailer and have been accepted by Amazon’s influencer program. Congratulations!!

If you are still on the fence about turning your appreciation for some of your favorite things found on Amazon into a lucrative hobby, side-hustle, or profession but are excited about helping people make better purchasing decisions then now might be a great time to start. Livestreaming is in its infancy. You can learn how to get started from this great article by JungleScout.

After speaking to some of our experienced livestreamers we put together a list of answers to the 5 most common newbie questions and hope to help you on your way to livestreaming success!

#1 How do you choose which products to promote?

It used to be that you could talk about products on the Amazon store by speaking while showing the online product listing. To improve viewer experience Amazon updated its policy mandating that you should “physically demonstrate products” that you promote and not “add products to your carousel that you don’t own, haven’t used, or aren’t familiar with”.

So, what can you do?

  1. Look around your house, collect and talk about all products which feature on Amazon!

  2. Next, check out your mom’s house. After that, your cousin’s house, your uncle's house, your friends’ houses, your neighbors’ houses, just don’t go around getting products from strangers’ houses (and always ask before you borrow)!!

  3. Next, buy more things you like from Amazon and talk about those.

  4. Next, build brand partnerships.

#2 How do you build great brand partnerships?

First, you’ll want to prepare a media kit containing influencer statistics (followers, demographics, engagement), examples of previous work, some great photos, and your contact information.

Next, you’ll want to reach out to brands you want to work with. You can DM them on Instagram or other social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Explain why you want to work with it and what makes you a great fit and make sure to include your media kit. Check out this article by Business Insider with examples of media kits and brand pitches.

Finally, you can work with an agency. Agencies save time for both influencer and brand by matching good content with the right spokesperson and can help to improve your performance through best-practice knowledge sharing. Apply here to join Beanepic’s influencer program.

#3 How do you disclose sponsorships, commissions, gifts, and partnerships?

The FTC (federal trade commission) governs the rules and requirements on advertising disclosures and its Disclosures 101 for social media influencers makes it clear that any social media product promotion where an influencer has a “material connection” with the brand must make this relationship obvious. A material connection with the brand includes all cases where you get paid or receive free or discounted products or services.

The FTC requires you to disclose your connection because:

"In the online marketplace, consumers can transact business without the constraints of time or distance […] But cyberspace is not without boundaries, and deception is unlawful no matter what the medium. The FTC has enforced and will continue enforcing its consumer protection laws to ensure that products and services are described truthfully online and that consumers understand what they are paying for. These activities benefit consumers as well as sellers, who expect and deserve the opportunity to compete in a marketplace free of deception and unfair practices." - How To Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising.

If it’s provided in a written format, it should be easy to find, placed in the endorsement message. As an Amazon influencer, you must also comply with its influencer program policies. Read Amazon’s policy on affiliate link disclosure.

2 Examples

#1: Thanks to brand A for the free product.

#2: I may receive commissions from purchases made through links in this post.

In a livestream, the disclosure should be repeated periodically so also viewers who only see part of it will see and hear it. Read about Amazon’s policy on disclosures for livestreams under “Other Terms and Conditions”.

Disclaimer: We are not a law firm. The information here should not be construed as legal advice. Laws and policies change. It is your responsibility to keep up to date on the current terms. Regarding specific questions on this or related matters, we urge you to seek legal counsel.

#4 How do you resolve conflicting appointments with your regular streaming schedule?

You followed our advice #10 from our last article, top 10 mistakes to avoid when livestreaming (on Amazon), and set up a regular streaming schedule. Unfortunately, you’ve got another commitment and can’t make the livestream.

Our live streamers have two solutions for this situation. If you are going on holiday and feel a bit adventurous, stream remotely. Just make sure that your internet connection is good.

Alternatively, if you are completely ineligible announce it on your social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) as well as in the preceding stream.

#5 What is the best livestreaming software?

We realize that this is a hot topic and while you can use your iPhone and the Live Creator app there are advantages with using software. We have heard good things about Streamyard, OBS, ECamm, InVideo, and Vmix but feel this question is much too complex to try and answer in a short post. We plan to address it in a future in-depth study and would love to hear from you any suggestions on what to include.

What is your next step?

Armed with ideas for how to address common problems it is perhaps time to prepare your next stream. Also, check out our short post on the most common mistakes when livestreaming.

At Beanepic we are always looking for epic influencer talent so if you are excited about livestreaming get in touch with us for epic brands partnerships.

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