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1TB External Hard Drive

- Present facing camera
- Demonstrate with use case
- Own devices which can be connected to USB-A, USB-C, and lightning ports
Video content
Unboxing explaining visible product features (cover, 3 built in cables). Demonstrate use of device with 3 different devices (1 per port) explain non-visible features (built-in battery) and app (how to copy and use 1-touch backup).

Show that it can be connected with other devices on other ports.

Provide assessment.
Key features & selling points
- 1 TB data storage
- MFI certified by Apple
- 1-tap auto backup of new files via App saving space on your device
- USB-A, USB-C and lightning port connectors makes it easy to connect to iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac devices
Use cases
- Backup photos, music, files from your iPhone, Android, iPad, PC or Mac.
- Bring files with you for presentation or sharing for business or leisure.
- Use outdoors in the park, airport, coffee shop with the help of built-in battery.
Title keywords
Review, ySky, External Hard Drive
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